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    Meteorologist Elyse Smith with a group of Belair 3rd graders in Jefferson City, MO<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    KRCG 13 Meteorologists visit many classrooms and civic groups within the community. In order to schedule a meteorologist to come and visit your school or group, please complete the request form below and email it to or mail it to the following address:

    KRCG 13
    Attn: Zach Paul – Weather Visit
    10188 Old US Highway 54
    New Bloomfield, MO 65063

    Your request should include the name, address and location. Be sure to include a contact name, phone number and email where he/she can be reached during the day.

    Please provide the size of the group and/or the grade(s) with which the meteorologist will be speaking.

    Finally, please include specific dates and possible times that will work for you. The more specific you can be, the easier it will be for us to determine who is available to speak to your group.

    There is no fee for meteorologist visits; however, it does take some time in order to coordinate these requests due to the volume we receive. Please allow at least 2 weeks to process a meteorologist request when suggesting possible dates for a visit. Please note that this time may be longer during peak periods and that schedules can fill up quickly, so we may not be able to fulfill all requests received during a school year. Once we receive your request, we will work together towards finding a time that best fits the needs of both your group as well as ours.

    KRCG 13 Meteorologist Request Form

    If after completing this form you still have questions, please contact:
    KRCG 13 Chief Meteorologist Zach Paul at or 573-896-0059.

    Teacher/Contact’s Name:

    Contact Phone Number:

    Contact Email Address:

    School Name:

    School Address:

    Grade Level of Children:

    Approximate Size of Group:

    Do you have Audio/Video/PowerPoint equipment readily available?

    Please choose your top three choices for visits, including the day of the week and specific time/date. (Visits are most easily accommodated on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

    1st choice:

    2nd choice:

    3rd choice:

    Do you prefer a specific meteorologist, and if so, who?

    Has a KRCG 13 Meteorologist visited your group in the past? If so, when?

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