Rallies held on both sides of mid-Missouri mark one year since inauguration

On the anniversary of President Trump's inauguration, hundreds of people met at the Boone County Courthouse for a solidarity rally chanting 'This is what democracy looks like.' (Megan Sanchez/KRCG 13)

January 20, 2018 marked one year since President Donald Trump was inaugurated.

Saturday in mid-Missouri two large rallies were held, both surrounding President Trump, both with a different purpose.

In Jefferson City, around 100 people gathered on the steps of the Capitol with Trump and Pence signs, flags and homemade posters in hand. The Missouri Republican Leadership Initiative hosted the event.

A man with a megaphone led the rally talking about what President Trump has accomplished in his first year. Attendees followed, taking a lap around the building behind a group of motorcyclists ending the rally indoors. In the rotunda, speakers such as Republican Congressman Blaine Leutkemeyer and Lt. Gov. Mike Parsons addressed attendees.

Josh Wagner traveled four hours to support the president. He said he is happy with how the first year has gone.

"We haven’t had a great leadership in this country for a long time," he said. "I think God placed him there. Donald Trump answered the call, and it’s been a great year for him - for us - the American people.”

Wagner said one of the best parts of living in this country is that everyone can have their own opinion. To those rallying for the opposite cause Saturday, he said it is important to be informed.

"Trump’s president," he said. "I dealt with presidents that I didn’t love or care for for years. I survived. You guys will survive. We’ll survive and let’s all work together to make America great.”

The Mid-Missouri Solidarity Network and about three dozen area organizations gathered on the other side of mid-Missouri for a solidarity march.

In Downtown Columbia, over 1,600 people met at the Boone County Courthouse for a solidarity rally. Handmade signs reading "Black Lives Matter" and "Impeach" were raised as the group chanted, 'Show me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like.'

Columbia resident Jane Rippeto said last year on this day she felt sad.

“I remember being very scared for our country," she said.

She held a sign that read "Dump Trump" expressing her disbelief that Pres. Trump still holds office. Yet she still wants to converse with those who support him.

"I would love to talk to them because I completely don’t understand how they can support him," she said. "Anything that’s happened that’s positive had nothing to do with him, and everything that’s negative has everything to do with him.”

She said it is important for people who are not like-minded to come together.

“It’s nice to be around like-minded people, but we have to quit talking to just like-minded people," she said. "We have to talk to everyone, and I hope we can get there.”

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