Proposed bill would require traffic stop instruction in driver's education


A bill recently filed in the state house ahead of the next legislative session would require Missouri driver's education programs to include information on law enforcement traffic stops.

The bill, which was pre-filed by Representative Gretchen Bangert (D-St. Louis), would also require those giving a driving test to present the information.

According to the bill text, driving examiners in the state would be required to show applicants what he or she is likely to experience if his or her motor vehicle is stopped by a law enforcement officer. Applicants would also get a demonstration of the proper actions to be taken during a traffic stop and how to appropriately interact with law enforcement, according to the bill.

"I think it's an excellent idea," said Becky Kleffner, owner of Central Missouri Driver Training.

Kleffner said she instructs new drivers of all ages. She said she thinks it's important for people to know happens and what to do when stopped by a law enforcement officer.

"People get nervous and really, if you just remain calm, they're just doing their job," said Kleffner. "It could be something as little as a tail light out or a headlight out."

Kleffner was the chief driver examiner for the Missouri State Highway Patrol's Troop I for 17 years.

"If they just know the basics: keep your hands in sight, remain calm, hands on the steering wheel where they can see it. and the biggest thing is, don't get ugly," said Kleffner.

Kleffner said she thinks the bill could save lives.

"I would love to put it into my training," she said. "If it's mandated, it'll be in there as soon as they say the word."

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