Post Office cuts impact Missouri

The U.S Postal Service announced Monday it will close some 250 mail processing centers, which will likely eliminate next day mail delivery. Mail processing centers in Springfield, Cape Girardeau, and Quincy could be on the chopping block, but here in Mid-Missouri the Columbia facility will not be part of plan to streamline the post office. In Jefferson City it's business as usual this holiday season, Don Knoth, "I think compared to previous years it has been down a little bit, our lines aren't nearly as long." Postmaster, Don Knoth told us. But he said there are reasons for the shorter lines.In Jefferson City customers are using click and ship online where the carrier picks up the package from your home. All the talk of Post office cuts has employees fielding questions but he says customers need not worry, they aren't going anywhere, "no... Jefferson City is pretty well secure with our employees and with what our retail transactions are at we will keep the two facilities." Knoth said. Despite those reassurances customers still have their concerns. Rod Edwards relies on next day delivery for his Netflix subscription, "Right now I'm paying X number of dollars and I'm getting nine movies a week, if they change to the service they're talking about it's going to take longer to get to me so I'm only going to get six movies a week and that's going to hurt a lot of people, especially those who are shut-ins and all they have is their movies". And the closure of some rural post offices in Mid-Missouri is still possible. It's an added concern for some customers like Sally Calvin, "I think that it is sad, the closing of these small post offices is going to cause a great inconvenience to people, they're going to have to drive further to get their mail, it's going to make the services slower and it's just going to effect a lot of people from the people who get the mail to the people who bring it". Some postal employees we talked to off camera said the cuts are mainly because Congress is making the postal service pre-pay billions of dollars in retirement and health benefits over a ten year period.They say any regular business wouldn't be able to sustain the same obligation.They told us if it wasn't for that, the post office would nearly breakeven.
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