Parents react to recent reports of child abduction attempts outside West Elementary

A look at the West Elementary School building in Jefferson City. (Tommy Sladek KRCG 13)

Jefferson City Police continue to investigate a reported child abduction attempt.

Friday's scare was the second attempt outside West Elementary School in the last six weeks.

Parents KRCG 13 spoke with said the reports of abduction attempts worry them.

But even ones with younger kids said they aren't wasting any time teaching them how to be prepared for a bad situation.

"What would you do if somebody grabbed you?"

"What would you do if somebody wanted to give you a puppy or candy or want you to get in the vehicle?"

Those are some of the questions Travis Milne said he regularly goes over with his West Elementary student.

"We make sure to not scare him about what's going on," Milne said.

"But to inform him about what to do if something were to happen."

Milne walks his son to and from school and said he doesn't plan on changing his routine.

JCPD said as school let out January 12th, a man tried to grab and pull and 10-year-old girl walking home from West Elementary into his car.

The girl told police that she kicked the suspect multiple times and was able to run home unharmed.

A similar incident occurred outside the same school back on December 6th.

Neighbors near the school along West Main Street said they'll be taking extra precaution.

"On our block everyone's looking out," said Milne.

Detectives are still investigating both incidents.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact JCPD at (573) 634-6400.

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