Overwhelmed public defender likely to represent Miller County double murder suspect

Gary Sweet had a case review Wednesday. The county's public defender said the double murder suspect applied for his office's services. (File).

The man accused of murdering two people at a Lake Ozark RV park will likely be assigned to the county's overwhelmed public defender.

Double murder suspect Gary Sweet gave the court an update on his counsel status Wednesday. The area's public defender, Justin Carver, told KRCG13 Wednesday Sweet applied for his office's services and is likely to meet the financial criteria.

Carver said he expects to file a request for a caseload conference in the case. While juggling hundreds of cases across three counties, Carver has already filed the motion in dozens of cases.

Miller County Prosecuting Attorney Benjamin Winfrey, Carver, and a judge are set to discuss Carver's caseload and determine what relief, if any, the public defender is entitled to.

Carver has said murder cases take an inordinate amount of time.

"I'm happy to represent him or anybody, but I've got to have the time do it," Carver said in an interview with KRCG13 in November.

"If I'm going to be assigned a case that's going to require a huge time commitment, and there's not enough for me already, then it seems to me what needs to happen is other arrangements should be made on some of the other cases."

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