Over 1 billion chicken wings to be consumed during Sunday's big game

1.35 billion chicken wings are expected to be consumed during Sunday's big game. (Caileigh Peterson/KRCG)

The only day Americans consume more food than during Sunday's big game is Thanksgiving.

Schulte's Fresh Foods said it is prepping for the influx of shoppers by having staff meetings and keeping extra staff on hand.

The store said it sells a lot of chips, meats for grilling, and grilling materials such as briquettes ahead of the big game.

For grocery stores, Schulte's owner said the big game is one of their busiest times of the year.

"Sales pick up. It's a very good week for us. Probably one of our top ten out of the whole year so we sell a little bit of everything. We treat it here like another national holiday," Schulte's owner John Schulte said.

Food for Sunday's big game eaten by America according to CBS News:

  • 1.35 billion wings
  • 12.5 million pizzas
  • 29 million pounds of chips
  • 120 million pounds of avocados sold for guacamole
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