Order restored after disturbance breaks out in Tipton Correctional Center

Correctional officers reported a disturbance at the Tipton Correctional Center. (MGN Online)

A spokesperson with the Department of Corrections said Thursday the Tipton Correctional Center is on modified lock down, but order is restored, after what officials called a disturbance at the prison.

KRCG 13 received phone calls Thursday morning from multiple employees of the facility stating there has been a riot Wednesday night. The employees all spoke on the condition of anonymity because they said they were afraid to lose their jobs.

One employee told KRCG 13 the riot began after 9 p.m. when inmates refused to go into a housing unit after staff members tried to close the yard. She said inmates took over housing units, broke down doors and smashed property. Another employee said they destroyed a housing unit, caused some damage in another and broke into case manager offices.

Multiple employees said the department’s Corrections Emergency Response Team (also known as C.E.R.T.) was called to the scene. DOC spokesperson Karen Pojmann confirmed Tipton's C.E.R.T. team was involved. She also noted other C.E.R.T. teams traveled to Tipton to respond to the disturbance.

Pojmann said there have been no reports of injuries to any offenders or staff. She said property damage in a housing unit included broken windows and damage to a shower divider wall. She said order was restored Thursday morning at around 5:30 a.m.

"We don't know how many offenders were directly involved at this point," Pojmann told KRCG 13 Thursday afternoon.

Pojmann said visiting is canceled this weekend, Friday through Sunday.

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