Oh Deer! Students, teachers help remove buck from Tuscumbia school

A deer was led out by students and teachers after jumping into Tuscumbia Schools. (Haley Flaugher)

The buck stops at Tuscumbia Schools!

Thursday morning, students and teachers arrived at school and had breakfast in the cafeteria. They heard glass shatter upstairs and saw a deer fall down the steps into the cafeteria.

"We turned around and the deer was falling down the steps and slipping over the floor and into the walls," Haley Flaugher, a student at the school said. "It ran towards the kids and Mrs. King and Mrs. Shelby both grabbed it and got a hold of it and pulled it out of the cafeteria doors."

"They basically wrestled the deer with their bare hands."

Students and teachers joined forces to help drag it outside, leading the deer by its antlers.

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