No police in New Bloomfield has residents concerned

Residents of New Bloomfield are concerned, because the city now has no police officers. (Elizabeth Hoffman/KRCG 13)

Residents of New Bloomfield are concerned because the city now has no police officers.

Wednesday night, Chief of Police Greg Mooney resigned. He was the only officer in the department.

Mooney said in a Facebook post he was given the option to resign or be fired.

"I was informed that with talking to the media and posting public information on this [Facebook] page without permission, I violated the media policy of the city," Mooney wrote.

Mooney's hours were reduced to 30 a month before his resignation, according to the former police chief.

He also said on Jan. 19 the second member of the department, Sgt. Brad Brewer's position, was dissolved.

"Right after that we had a whole bunch of break-ins in cars, rifles being stolen, gas being stolen, things being stolen off properties and from now it's just going to get worse," New Bloomfield resident Talon Walther said.

Callaway County Sheriff Clay Chism told KRCG 13 they've patrolled in New Bloomfield for decades and will continue to.

Walther said that may not be enough.

"Callaway County deputies are good, but they can't patrol everywhere at once."

KRCG 13 made phone calls, sent emails and went to City Hall seeking comment from city officials. The city did not reply.

Greg Mooney released the following statement to KRCG:

"During my time with New Bloomfield Police Department my focus was always the citizens I swore to serve and protect. I cared about the citizens to the point of butting heads with the mayor and city council. I enlightened the citizens with public information on the city’s Facebook page after the city council started cutting positions, hours and talking about disbanding the police department. Unfortunately for the citizens, this upset the mayor and members of the city council. If I had asked for permission to post that information or talk with the media it would have been denied. So I did what was best for the citizens and let them know what the city was doing. This led to my departure from the city. I will always be grateful for the support the community has shown through all of this."

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