New trend of divorce selfies may help couples deal with anxiety

Couples are beginning to post divorce selfies on social media to mark the end of their marriage. (MGN Online)

Many people use photos to document moments such as weddings and birthdays. As society relies more on pictures, some are finding new occasions to snap a photo.

With the divorce rate in the U.S. at 40 to 50 percent, couples are now taking divorce selfies to post on social media after the dissolution of their marriage.

University of Missouri Development and Family Science assistant professor Luke Russell said it might help the process.

"It might be something with the popularity of social media that a couple is trying to ritualize. We ritualize our marriages with weddings and death with funerals," Russell said. "This might be something a couple marks and it might help them with their anxiety,"

Russell said it is part of the social separation in which a couple has to notify friends and family of the split. It could be an easy way to spread the word.

"People have to tell others that they're separating and that can be tough to do. It might be easier to send a photo saying, 'Hey our marriage has ended just so you all know,' Russell said. "It is a quick way to update people."

Couples may also feel more comfortable sharing the news of their divorce since the stigma surrounding divorce has lessened in recent years.

"It might reflect that there isn't as much of a stigma against divorce as there once was so they feel okay sharing this news rather than having to hide it," Russell said. "However, research shows that there are some negative connotations still associated with divorce."

The search #divorceselfie on Instagram brings up over a thousand results.

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