Mid-Missouri physician approves of Baltimore ordinance banning soda from kids menus

New law in Baltimore bans sodas from kids' menus (Photo: MGN)

In light of the new city ordinance in Baltimore, mid-Missouri physician says it's a good idea to consider banning sugary drinks from kids' menus in restaurants.

According to a city ordinance that went into effect Wednesday restaurants in Baltimore are now banning sodas and other sugary drinks from kids' menus

In Missouri, there are no city ordinances similar to Baltimore's but according to, Missouri has the 17th highest obesity rate in the nation.

Dr. Amy Williams, a family practice physician in Columbia, Missouri said she thinks a similar city ordinance would be a good thing for Missouri to consider.

"Anything that can be done at a policy level or a community level is a positive thing," Williams said.

Williams said there are no plans for the city of Columbia to adopt similar city ordinances, but that she thinks restaurants should remove soda as the "default option" for kids' menus.

Seven California cities and Lafayette, Colorado, have enacted similar ordinances which is intended to stop kids from over consumption of sugary drinks. Health experts say sugary drinks are a factor in high rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Instead of soda options, milk, 100 percent fruit juices, water, and flavored or sparkling water without added sweeteners will be the default beverages for kids' meals at Baltimore eateries.

Similar to Baltimore's new ordinance, Louisville Metro passed a similar ordinance in May that requires nutritional standards and a healthy default beverage in children’s meals.

According to the Louisville city ordinance, restaurants that serve meals aimed at children will be required to provide milk, non-dairy milk, water, sparkling water or less than 25 calories/8 ounces drinks with no added artificial sweeteners as the default beverage option.

In Louisville and Baltimore, customers will still be able to purchase sodas, juices and other sugary drinks upon request.

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