New Mokane mayor wants to fix city's biggest problem

The City of Mokane looks to move forward after bringing in a new mayor. (KRCG 13)

After months of political turmoil in the small city of Mokane, two new board members were appointed at Monday night's meeting.

Both Mayor Jo Belmont and alderman Chad Booher said they hope to tackle the city's biggest issue: water and sewer.

"The water and sewer system is something that affects the town and trying to get that fixed is a complicated and big process," Booher said.

Board members said the water is safe, but with the old pipes it is something that needs to be replaced to prevent more issues.

It has been difficult for Mokane to obtain the resources they need to fix the issue, but Booher said it is the most important thing to fix right now.

After Monday's board meeting there is one more alderman position to be filled.

Mokane community members said they are eager to see what the new board plans to do to better the community.

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