New Bloomfield residents look to raise money for more police officers

Paid patrol hours for the department was limited to 30 hours a month. (Tommy Sladek KRCG 13)

New Bloomfield residents are raising money to create an increased police presence in the town.

After a sergeant position was recently cut, Chief Greg Mooney became the only officer in uniform. Getting paid to work 30 hours a month.

Callaway County Sheriff's deputies perform regular patrols in the area, but as former Holts Summit police officer Talon Walther points out, Callaway County does not run small.

The response time might not always be quick depending on where the deputies are located.

"It would be easy for someone to rob," said the longtime New Bloomfield resident. "It's just not safe for us anymore."

"Just a couple months ago, I chased somebody from my neighbors yard and they jumped the fence and ran. Along with gas being stolen and things being stolen from their yard."

"The criminals know no officer is on so what's stopping 'em?"

Conoco gas station clerk Chris Speckhals took the initiative to get trained on firearms.

"You have a panic button behind your counter but that still needs to send a signal to the alarm company and then they call the dispatch," explained Speckhals.

"But the officer or deputy is still maybe ways away."

Resident like Walther and Speckhals both said an increased presence would help deter crime and speeding cars.

We reached out to New Bloomfield's city council during business hours monday and did not hear back.

The next city council meeting will be held on March 8th and open to the public.

To view Walther's Go Fund Me page for the department, click here.

Editor's note: This story has been edited for clarity.

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