New Bloomfield elects new mayor


Terry Shaw was voted the new mayor of New Bloomfield Friday.

The meeting room was full as New Bloomfield Board of Aldermen selected Shaw to be mayor, confirming his position with a vote.

"I feel eager to serve again and hopefully help to smooth over and heal the rift that we currently have," Shaw said.

Shaw told KRCG 13 he does not remember what year he was mayor, but said he looks forward to working with New Bloomfield citizens.

"I'm hoping that we can go forward from this point and work together as a community."

Martha Siegel will continue to serve as interim mayor until Shaw takes the oath, which he plans to do Tuesday. Siegel will resume to her position as an Alderwoman.

"I think the fact that since he's retired and he can be up here," Siegal said. "Be accessible more and I think have time for more dialogue."

According to Cheri Wilson, head of Concerned Citizens of New Bloomfield, community members have expressed to her Shaw did not do a great job when he previously served as mayor.

"I have talked to about six individuals since I've been out here and all six have said that he is not going to be any better than what we already have," Wilson said.

Wilson said members of the Concerned Citizens group came forward asking to be considered for the position prior to the meeting, but their requests were not acknowledged.

"If the leadership will cooperate with our group and give us answers that we're looking for we will be more than happy to work with him," Wilson said.

The vote comes a week after Greg Rehagen resigned from the position.

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