MU alum prepares for Hurricane Florence

MU Alum Nina Ruhe recently moved to North Carolina and is preparing for Hurricane Florence. (Kyreon Lee/KRCG 13).

A recent University of Missouri graduate said North Carolinians are actively bracing themselves for the incoming hurricane.

Nina Ruhe. a May 2018 graduate who recently moved to Durham, North Carolina, said although Hurricane Florence is expected to affect those closer to the coast, people in the central part of North Carolina are rapidly preparing.

"I thought it was going to be just a little a rain, but people here are really preparing," Ruhe said.

Ruhe is originally from Ohio, and she said she isn't fully prepared for Florence or what to think about it.

"I feel like people here are preparing for an apocalypse, which it totally could be," she said.

She said there has been shortages of supplies in major stores.

"My mom has been going to like the Costco and Home Depot and, when she walks in, the first thing they say is we don't have anymore bottled water, we don't have anymore batteries and we don't have anymore generators," Ruhe said.

As for preparation, Ruhe said she has helped her mom move everything in closer to the house to prepare for run off and rain. Ruhe said schools in the area have been closing as well.

Despite being downgraded to a category two storm, officials are emphasizing the storms potential impact.

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