More than 300 candles glow in remembrance of Russellville high school sophomore

More than 300 people grieved over candelight as they shared a moment of silence and honored the life of 16-year-old Elizabeth "Lizzie" Eidson. (Megan Sanchez/ KRCG 13)

Elizabeth Eidson was a cheerleader, a volleyball player and a high school student-- and now she's gone.

Hundreds of community members gathered in High Point to celebrate the life of Elizabeth "Lizzie" Eidson, who lost her life in a car crash Wednesday on her way to school.

"It hits home to all of our students because everybody knows everybody within our building," Perry Gorrell Superintendent of Cole R-I Schools Russellville said.

The towns mourned together in a candlelight vigil organized overnight. As members of the community arrived they received a candle and were guided to walk onto the field. At the entrance was a memorial with photos of the 16-year-old that shared a table with boxes of tissues.

Teachers, friends, family and the like shared some of their memories of the high school sophomore as the sun set.

"Lizzie was a very outgoing student," Gorrell said. Involved in many activities at our school district. She was involved in FFA, she was involved in volleyball. She was a cheerleader. She was part of our flag core, so she's a very involved student."

Eidson's personality was painted with words of her loved ones as they described her as beautiful, friendly and kind.

"She was silly," Ally Harris, a friend of Eidson said. "She always spoke her mind, but she was the happiest person, and she always had your back no matter what."

More than 300 people grieved over candelight as they shared a moment of silence and honored her life.

"Everyone knew her and everyone loved her," Harris said.

"She was just an amazing person."

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