MoDOT tackles another round of snowfall

    A view of Highway 54 in Callaway County near the Missouri River Bridge. (Kyreon Lee/KRCG 13).<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    The snowfall continued on Friday night and MoDOT crews continued to treat roads.

    MoDOT Maintenance District Engineer Jason Shafer said the snowfall accumulation makes it hard for crews to keep up. He said there are 220 trucks running in 18 counties in mid-Missouri.

    "All of our trucks are running right now, but it might be snowing quicker than what our cycle times allow us for it to keep clear," Shafer said.

    Crews have been working around the clock on 12 hour shifts since early Friday morning. Shafer emphasized that driving conditions are not optimum right now.

    "If you don't need to make the trip then please stay at home. It allows us to get things cleaned up quicker and easier," he said. "Our plows are heavy and they don't stop very rapidly, so it just allows everyone a higher degree of safety by being home," Shafer said.

    Shafer said this is MoDOT's fourteenth snowfall event this winter and they're preparing for more snowfall Saturday and next week.

    Maintenance Crew Leader Matt Brune said Friday was a challenge because it was hard to keep up with all the snowfall and the traffic.

    "It's very busy out, it makes it a lot harder for us to get around, so when you get traffic wall-to-wall, it's kind of hard to fit in a lane," Brune said.

    Brune said to cover his whole route can take more than two hours at a time with heavy snowfall.

    "I can usually do the route about four times a shift," he said.

    MoDOT is expected to have crews through Friday night and into Saturday.

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