Missouri makes website's international list of top 10 places not to travel to in 2018

Missouri's Capitol building in Jefferson City. (File)

A well-known travel publisher listed the state of Missouri on their list of 10 places in the world not to go to in 2018.

"First off, I'm surprised we made the list, I mean the world? Not just the nation?" Missouri resident Sandy Peters said.

Missouri joins countries like Cuba, Myanmar and Honduras on a list of international no-go destinations. Missouri is the only place in the United States to be named.

Popular travel publisher Fodor cites a few reasons as to why Missouri may be a place to skip. The NAACP's travel warning for people of color makes the cut. Incidents like the one outside of Kansas City where two Indian men were gunned down on suspicion of being Muslim also warn travelers of the potential dangers.

Even politics are an additional factor as Senate Bill 43 was mentioned. The legislation brought into law this past year that critics say make it hard to sue a workplace for discrimination.

Resident Shavon Rucker said his family from Chicago have asked about stories they've heard.

"My cousins from out-of-state, they know what the word is," he said.

A 2017 study from the Attorney General's Office revealed that black drivers were five times more likely to be pulled over in Missouri.

Residents like Penny Sherrod said she wishes people would still make the trip, but advises caution.

I would recommend for them to come here yes but just know to be safe because we do have one of the highest rates of being pulled over if you're African American," said Sherrod.

"But other than it is a good place to be there's a lot of sights to see."

The publisher said the list is meant to be a warning to avoid destinations in the year ahead.

Fodor's No List 2018
1. The Galapagos
2. The Places That Don't Want You to Visit
3. The Taj Mahal
4. Phang Nga Park, Thailand
5. Myanmar
6. Mt. Everest
7. Missouri
8. Honduras
9. Great Wall of China & Beijing, China
10. Cuba

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