Miller, Camden County sheriff's offices receive military surplus supplies in 2017

A utility truck sits outside of the Miller County Sheriff's Office October 18, 2017. (KRCG/Ashley Zavala).

Quarterly data recently released by the U.S. Department of Defense showed the Miller and Camden County sheriff's offices participated in the federal military surplus program this year.

The program allows agencies to apply for the free equipment the Department of Defense no longer needs.

According to the Defense Logistics Agency, the Miller County Sheriff's office got a utility truck in July and gunner shield kit in June.

The Camden County Sheriff's Office received a tractor in May and some excavating equipment in September.

The DLA showed since the program's start in 1997, the majority of Mid-Missouri law enforcement agencies have received some form of military surplus.

More than 8,000 law enforcement agencies have enrolled nationwide.

The program provides office equipment, clothing, tools, vehicles, rescue equipment, weapons and other supplies. According to the federal agency, of all the excess equipment provided through the program, 5% are weapons and less than 1% are tactical vehicles.

The program has allowed the department to transfer $6 billion worth of property to law enforcement agencies, according to the DOD.

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