Mid-Missouri voters, poll workers say first photo ID election going smoothly

Voters said they didn't notice any changes during Tuesday's election from their usual voting experience. (Garrett Bergquist)

In mid-Missouri's first election with a photo ID requirement, voters Tuesday said they didn't notice anything different.

Many voters said they already presented their driver licenses at the polls in the past. They said the new requirement didn't add any complexity. Hartsburg resident Nicholas Finn said his voting experience went fine.

"I worry about a lot of other folks, a lot of other Missourians where the driver's license is an issue, but as far as in here, I had my driver's license, and it was fine," he said.

Poll workers at three different locations in Ashland and Columbia said no voters had needed to cast a provisional ballot as of Tuesday afternoon, and few had had to sign an affidavit after presenting a non-photo ID. Judy Walker estimated 90 percent of the voters at her polling location presented photo IDs.

Tuesday is the first widespread election in the state since the photo ID requirement became effective June 1, with elections taking place in 55 counties. As of 4:30 p.m., the Boone County Clerk's office was reporting 9.48 percent voter turnout. The last two August special elections, which lacked any countywide issues or state legislative races, had voter turnouts of 9.46 and 6.16 percent, respectively.

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