Mid-Missouri financial advisors weigh in on stock market turbulence

(MGN Online)

After falling more than 1,100 points Monday the Dow Jones industrial average climbed back 560 points Tuesday.

"We have been anticipating it coming for a long time," said Glen Reinkemeyer, a veteran financial consultant in Jefferson City.

"Of course they never come when you expect."

The Reinkemeyer and Renkemeyer Associates founding partner said while these point shifts can be ugly, the turbulence is a normal course of the market.

"With your 401k...don't make any changes."

"Your money is going in and it might be a time like always to review your risk value and overall portfolio."

Reinkemeyer said they had a client call in looking to invest more money to take advantage of the drop. He said he still sees Dow and SP 500 having a great year in 2018.

"People are working, profits are up for corporations, the new tax bill, we really think the trend of the market is going to be up for some time," said Reinkemeyer.

"Now there's always something political or something that can happen."

January marked the 15th month in a row sp 500 saw a positive return.

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