Meeting new friends in Kansas City

Ryder chasing Milo around the table.

Our adventure this weekend took us outside of mid-Missouri and into Kansas City! Iâ??m in a friendâ??s wedding this summer, so another friend and I made the trip to look for wedding and bridesmaids dresses. While us girls had plenty of fun shopping, Milo got to play with some new friendsâ?¦ or at least he tried to.

The friend we stayed with has two dogs, a smaller â??lapâ?? dog, Kiya, and a bigger dog, Brian. While we were out shopping for the day, we put Milo in the large basement with Brian, while Kiya stayed upstairs. I guess Brian wasnâ??t enough fun for Milo because he jumped the baby gate to hang with Kiya. The problem there is Kiya wasnâ??t up for playing with him. Every time Milo tried to play with her she barked and lunged at him.

(Check out a video of them in action here)

Honestly, it was really funny because Milo thought she was playing, but what she really was saying was â??go away!â?? Milo is just too young to catch on to those hints.

While upstairs, Milo also had a few â??accidents.â?? Oh I felt so bad! Sorry again, Kim! At least he didnâ??t chew up anything , whew!

Milo did find a play buddy in Brian though. They ran around the duplex together trying to take each otherâ??s toys. By the end of the weekend though I think Milo wore out his welcome. Brian is recovering from an illness so heâ??s easily agitated, and having a high-energy puppy around wasnâ??t helping.

I think Kiya and Brian were good lessons for Milo though. He needs to learn that not every dog wants to play all the time like he does right now, that he needs to share, and that he should give dogs their space at times.

Milo got the puppy playtime he was craving on Sunday when he met my friendâ??s familyâ??s dog, Ryder. Ryder is an Australian Shepherd, about 8 months old I think, and already bigger than Milo. He was so adorable! Ryder was like a fluffier version of Milo and they had a blast together!

The two pups ran around on the big deck out in the country and even brought their playtime inside for a tumble on the carpet.


(I also took this really cool slow motion video of them playing. I highly recommend you check it out. Itâ??s so funny watching them play in slow motion; they look so vicious at times!)

This was my first time meeting Ryder also. From everything I heard about him it seemed like he and Milo would get along great, and they did!

Milo had so much fun he did nothing but sleep the entire way home and even had to curl up on me once we relaxed on the couch.

(Check out the rest of the pics from our trip here!)

I have a feeling weâ??ll be making another trip to KC in the next few months!

Stay tuned for more!

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