Mayor says Adrian's Island park would meet outdoor need

Jefferson City's city council is expected to vote as early as Dec. 17 to purchase Adrian's Island, shown here, for $10. (Garrett Bergquist/KRCG 13)

Officials on Tuesday said a planned riverfront park has no direct counterpart within the city.

Mayor Carrie Tergin said the city's planned purchase of Adrian's Island would give the city the ability to develop a park on the south bank of the Missouri River, where most of the city's tourist attractions and almost all of its population are located. She said the train tracks running along the river have blocked access to the river from that side for years.

The city council on Monday officially accepted the gift of a pedestrian bridge funded by donations from Betty Jo DeLong. The bridge would run to the island from the Missouri Veterans' Memorial on the north side of the Capitol. Council members also began discussing the contract necessary to transfer ownership of Adrian's Island from the Jefferson City Housing Authority to the city. The contract's language specifies a land purchase price of $10 and a closing date of Dec. 18, if approved.

Tergin said the park would feature primarily bike and walking trails while the bridge would feature displays outlining the city's history. She said it would be another draw for visitors taking in the Capitol and its environs.

Tergin said the park would not be accessible to vehicles, although emergency services would be able to get small vehicles such as UTVs into the park if needed. She said the park's proximity to the Capitol, which is patrolled 24 hours a day by the Capitol Police, would give it an added layer of security. Tergin said it's too soon to say how much the park would cost or what the layout would be.

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