Mayor continues push for Mizzou with letters to prospective students

Columbia Mayor Brian Treece (File).

Columbia Mayor Brian Treece said Thursday his office has sent more than 7,000 letters so far this fall to potential Mizzou students.

For the second year in a row, Treece is sending letters to high school seniors accepted by Mizzou. He said he's encouraging them to consider the university as their new home away from home.

"It's just that extra little touch," Treece said Thursday.

This week, Treece retweeted a handful of students who seemed grateful for the gesture.

Treece said the letter has been translated into several different languages, including Mandarin Chinese, for international students.

He said the city loves what students have to offer to the community. He noted Columbia has more than 3,000 international students and scholars.

"It really adds to the vibrancy and diversity of our community," said Treece.

"That really adds to the fabric of our community and adds to the cultural intrigue of downtown and really makes us diverse and I want to make sure we're highlighting that, protecting that and showcasing that," said Treece,

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