Man charged with hindering prosecution after child was hidden in attic crawl space

Woodrow Ziegler was charged with hindering prosecution in connection with the case of a missing child who was found safe Tuesday after he had been hidden inside an attic crawl space. (Camden County Jail)

The boyfriend of a woman accused of abducting her son was charged with hindering the prosecution of a felony.

Woodrow Ziegler, a 41-year-old Richland man, was booked on a $25,000 bond out of Laclede County Tuesday. He has since bonded out.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol canceled an endangered person advisory Tuesday after 6-year-old Braedence Jones was found in Laclede County. According to the Camden County Sheriff's Office, the US Marshals Service obtained a search warrant for a residence in Laclede County on Highway N.

Aubrey Ferguson, Braedence's mother, and Ziegler were arrested after they were accused of hiding the boy in an attic crawl space that had been nailed shut and concealed. Ferguson was with the boy in the crawl space when law enforcement discovered the child.

The advisory stated the boy was found safe.

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