Local woman, Mexico native worries what's next following country's second earthquake

A 7.1 magnitude earth quake shook Mexico City Tuesday. (File).

Shock, fear, sadness.

That's how Arizbeth Viveros said she felt when she heard about the 7.1 magnitude earth quake near Mexico City.

Viveros, who lives in Columbia, said she has several family and friends living throughout Mexico.

"It was a lot of feelings in one moment. I was thinking about my family," said Viveros Thursday night.

Viveros said because of downed phone lines, it took more than a day for her to get in touch with some of her friends and family.

Viveros said she was especially shocked about the timing of Tuesday's earthquake. September 19 marked 35 years since an 8.0 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico City, killing thousands. Viveros said she lived in Veracruz at the time.

Following two earth quakes within a week and Hurricane Katia in Mexico, along with other hurricanes which affected areas in the Atlantic Ocean, Viveros said she worries about what's next.

"I'm really afraid for everywhere and everyone, not just in Mexico," said Viveros. "We don't know what is going to happen, there's too many hurricanes in less than one month, and now this earthquake. There's too many people dead."

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