Local drug addict shares his recovery story after 'hitting rock-bottom'

Douglas Wright decided to turn his life around after he was released from prison and give back to the community he took from. (Meghan Lane/KRCG 13)

The new year is upon us, a time when we resolve to change.

For one Jefferson City man though, that change didn’t come easy.

Douglas Wright owned Doug's Auto Detailing off Industrial Drive in Jefferson City.

"I've been here since May 1 of last year,” Wright said. “I employ anywhere from 7-10 people at a time and those people are from the community."

In an interview with KRCG 13 in 2013, Wright said he had been selling drugs off and on in Jefferson City since 2007. When we last talked to him, he was behind bars at the Moberly Correctional Center.

"I was anonymous,” Wright said. “I was a person that realized he had made the wrong decisions."

He was there for selling heroin and running a burglary ring. While behind bars, Wright said he did a lot of self-reflection.

"A person has to hit rock-bottom and if they don't make up their mind then, they're stuck,” he said. “Once you've got a made-up mind, regardless of what the struggle is, you might fall. But you're not going to wallow in that mess. You're going to pick yourself up and move on.”

For Wright, his low point involved his kids and a phone call.

"I found myself in a situation where I was helpless,” he said. “I called them and my daughter, she said 'Dad, I need you to come get me', and that right there changed my whole thought process because I knew I couldn't get out there to help them.”

When deputies arrested Wright, they found TVs, guns, jewelry and electronics, but also a large amount of heroin.

It was a way of life for him.

"I had laid down some damage in this community, with the drugs that I was doing, with the stealing that I was doing,” Wright said. “I damaged a lot of people. All I can do is ask you all to forgive me for that. I'm a new person now.”

Wright said he wanted to give back to community he took from, and he started a nonprofit.

"It's called Building Community Bridges,” he said. “My goal with that is to get out here, to get involved with the youth.”

It was a new endeavor, but he said he had big ideas.

"I've been giving back in the form of helping with employment but I would like to give back to start reaching some minds and to start uplifting some people to let them know that there's better decisions to be made out here,” he said.

Wright said he was trying to keep recently released prisoners from their old habits by employing them. He said he’s thankful for the classes the department of corrections offers and said he still uses many of the tools he learned.

To watch the original interview with Wright at the Moberly Correctional Center, click here.

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