Local businesses prepare for St. Patrick's Day weekend

    <p>Local businesses, like bars and car-share companies, said Thursday they are getting everything ready for a highly anticipated St. Patrick's Day weekend. (Lexie Petrovic/KRCG13).{/p}

    Local bars and car-share companies said Thursday they are getting everything ready for a highly anticipated St. Patrick's Day weekend.

    One of Columbia's Room 38 managers Jamey D'Antonio said the theme of St. Patrick's Day is accounted for every year.

    "For St. Patrick's Day we definitely have prepared with a lot more Irish-typical liquors so that would include Guinness, Jameson, our Brady's," he said.

    He said the bar also makes sure there is extra staff on hand during the day, a time where it typically isn't as busy as the evenings are on weekends.

    "We actually scheduled multiple people just throughout the day where we usually wouldn't have people just to prepare for the holiday and what goes with it definitely in town as people go bar to bar," he said.

    He said the additional staff helps keep an eye on people getting too intoxicated.

    "Trying to stay on top of how often we are serving people and keeping an eye out for people who may be putting themselves at harm as well as hiring more staff to take care of those potential issues so that we don't fall behind," he said.

    Five Star Taxi manager Consuela Johnson said they increase their staff for the holiday, too.

    "We'll have an extra person handling phones so we don't miss phone calls," she said.

    Johnson said they have extra cabs ready to help.

    "We normally have about one car on the weekends and this weekend we'll have out two, and we are expecting a higher volume in the evening," she said.

    Johnson said while Uber and Lyft have affected local cab businesses, holiday weekends are important for their business.

    "It's just an increase in volume of sales for us," she said.

    Elijah Bentch and Tyler Jones are both Juniors at Mizzou. They said they look forward to St. Patrick's Day weekend in Columbia.

    "There should be a lot going on so there will be a lot of opportunity to get out and do something," Bentch said.

    Bentch said St. Patrick's Day is usually one of the more crazy holidays celebrated around campus.

    "This one is definitely focused on drinking," he said. "That is definitely the main priority with this one. Other ones kind of have a theme, this one is just alcohol."

    Jones said he sees a lot of people come in town from other universities as well.

    "It's like any other holiday that involves a lot of partying, he said. "A lot of people like to come down, bring their friends down, so we should be expecting a lot of people."

    D'Antonio said Room 38 will have special deals on St. Patrick's Day including $3 Jameson and green tea shots,$4 Stout, and $5 Irish car bombs.

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