Lincoln University homecoming is a time of celebration and remembrance

Lincoln University's Track students show off their accolades as the university kicks off their Homecoming weekend. (Elizabeth Hoffman/KRCG 13)

It’s the celebration of the year at Lincoln University.

While this will be his fourth LU homecoming, senior Robert Straus said it's just as exciting as his first.

Watching and seeing the alumni that graduated in the 80's, 90's the 70's come and interact with the undergrads is what makes it so special according to Straus.

“Hear[ing] their stories of how Lincoln was when they were here…and how they like coming back and seeing us college kids keeping the legacy going with this University,” he said is what makes him enjoy it more.

While there is a lot of fun during homecoming, Lincoln's ROTC members make certain everyone also appreciates the history of the campus with the annual wreath laying ceremony.

"We lay down the wreath in honor of our founders,” A’Darion Dillard, Lincoln ROTC member said.

Their founders are the 62nd and 65th colored infantry unit stationed out of Jefferson City. They fought in the Civil War in Texas, according to the LU ROTC member.

Dillard said he is proud to be a part of the ceremony.

“It was their vision to actually set up an education system that wasn't set in place for minorities or say for instance women or anything like that,” he said. “To me I believe it's a great honor to lay down the wreath in remembrance of them."

Lincoln students use homecoming as an opportunity to show a great sense of pride for their homecoming and their school.

"Once I started to get active on campus and getting into organizations I became a mentor to freshmen…that's when I started to have a love for Lincoln,” Robert Straus said. “We're a small school and we're a tight-knit family so we have to keep it that way."

Lincoln University has a full weekend of homecoming fun planned. Saturday at 9:30 in the morning is the parade, and then at 2 p.m. the Lincoln Tigers will take on Truman State.

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