Down on the farm in Missouri: Gerloff Farms

When he was a young boy, Charlie Gerloff's dad introduced him to showing cattle at the county fair. And the rest is history.

Nestled away in a beautiful Gasconade County Valley sits a cattle farm. But not just any farm; family owned and operated Gerloff Farms.

When he was a young boy, Charlie Gerloff's dad introduced him to showing cattle at the county fair. And the rest is history.

"I've been playing with these cattle the rest of my life," he said.

That play has turned into a way of life for Charlie, wife Rena, their three kids, and seven grandkids.

Established in 1906 by Charlie's grandparents, the now Century farm raises and sells Angus and Semi-Angus Bulls.

"Oh we just keep a few, we don't keep too many," Charlie said with a chuckle.

Charlie has a lot of help on the farm. Each day from start to finish, dogs Sadie and Sam are by Charlie's side, "They're my buddies."

But his most prized helpers by far, are his grandkids.

Rena plays a big part in keeping business running smoothly, "I do the bookwork. Oh, and and I mow grass, yes I do! He just said earlier he don't know how to work the weed eater," she said with a laugh.

She also makes the guys lunch, "I usually try to fix some kind of dessert. Lance complains if he doesn't get some pie of some kind."

Lance is their oldest son and full-time employee.

"I'm bailing haylage today. We feed our cattle a high-roughage diet." he explained from his tractor. Lance takes great pride in his job.

"We stand behind all our bulls, anything we sell," he said.

Lance's son Dakota is the 5th generation of Gerloff's to work on the farm. Now a senior in high school, he'll soon live off the farm while he attends college.

"I plan on studying Ag-Business there and hopefully come home and start farming when I get done,"

Everyone gets in on the business, including "This is Lacy. She's my Show Heifer," she explained with pride.

Olivia and Lacy will go to Grand Island Nebraska for Junior Nationals this summer. They'll also go to county fairs and the state fair in Sedalia.

"I usually ride the bus home and then I come over here and wash not just her, but all the other show string," she added.

A strong work ethic handed down from one generation to another.

"God has blessed us in many ways and I'm so thankful to be able to be in this valley with all my family," Rena said.

Life on the Gerloff Farm is hard work, but to Charlie Gerloff, the work isn't really work at all.

"About ten years ago I went to a class reunion and all the guys were retired and had great success stories. So I told them I was retired since high school. I was doing what I wanted to and that was farm."

The annual sale called "Bull Fest" is scheduled for October 22. Click here for their website.

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