Lake of the Ozarks residents and visitors react to possible reality show

Lake of the Ozarks residents shared mixed opinions about a potential reality show at the lake. (FILE)

495 Productions, the creators of "Jersey Shore," announced it was looking for people to be part of a cast for a potential reality show at the Lake of the Ozarks.

The show is based off "Party Cove" at the lake. The casting website said it is looking for summer vacationers at least 21 years old.

Residents and regular visitors of the Lake of Ozarks said on social media it could help or hurt the community.

Tanita Duhe-Jeffries said, "It will bring in more revenue!"

Others said it could give viewers the wrong idea about Lake residents.

"I think it gives us a bad reputation that all we do is party and have a good time," Melinda Chapman said.

Some residents said it is important to remember it is a TV show.

"It's just a show for entertainment. I think people will understand that," Kevin Farley said.

A few residents said they think a potential reality show featuring the Lake could drive tourism.

"Any exposure that the Lake of the Ozarks gets will drive tourism. That's a good thing. Tourism is what keeps the lake employed. Drain the lake and you will have a ghost town and useless property values," Alvin Heathman said.

It was not certain when the potential reality show would begin casting or what network it could air on.

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