Lace up those shoes, it's National Running Day!

Check out the Jefferson City YMCA's upcoming Father's Day 5K! (And don't forget your moustache!)

Today is National Running Day! So how are you celebrating? All it takes is a run or a walk.

For those first timers, try and ease into your routine.

"The medical literature tells us that we need to be doing about 30 minutes of exercise a day," said Donna Prenger, a personal trainer at the Jefferson City YMCA. "So maybe start out with three ten-minute walks per day and see how that duration satisfies your need to get that heart rate pumping."

Another great thing about running is that it's seemingly inexpensive. All you need is a good pair of shoes.

Prenger suggests a pair of comfortable shoes and absorbent socks. Shoes should have lots of room in the toe box, along with support for the heel and arch.

And of course, before heading out, make sure to grab some water and get in a good stretch.

"Release those worries, get your sweat on, and go home and sleep much better for the evening too," said Prenger.

National Running Day is a perfect way to celebrate a sport that almost everyone can take part in.

For more information on running classes and events at the Jefferson City YMCA, click here.

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