Jefferson City woman captures car break-in on video

In this image taken from Vickie Bax's security camera, a man breaks into her husband's car early Friday morning. (Photo courtesy of Vickie Bax)

A local woman on Friday said she hoped her video of a thief would help police capture the suspect.

Vickie Bax said her husband, Ron, came out to his car Friday morning to find it had been ransacked.

Bax had installed a security camera after someone stole Christmas packages from her porch two years ago, so the couple reviewed the footage. The tape revealed a man opening Ron's car door in the early morning hours and rummaging through the car.

"He was only here for, like, a minute," Vickie said. "Those guys work quick."

Bax said nothing was stolen, but still notified police and showed them her security camera footage.

Police told her someone had stolen electronics from another car. They confirmed Friday they were investigating two car break-ins; one on Geneva Street, where Bax lives, and the other on nearby Belair Drive.

"I kind of felt invaded, but then I thought, 'I'm glad he didn't try to come in the door'," she said.

Bax said the incident is a good reminder to always lock car doors. She keeps hers locked all the time, and she said the thief never tried to get into her car.

"They don't break into your car to cause damage," she said. "If your car's unlocked, that's when they hone in."

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