Jefferson City plans for total solar eclipse celebration

    Total solar eclipse will arrive on August 21 around 1:15 p.m. (JCCVB).

    Jefferson City is prepared to host more than 50,000 people in celebration of the total solar eclipse on August 21.

    It will be the first one in the continental U.S in 38 years.

    Several cities in Missouri are well positioned to witness the rare moment when the sky will go dark, including Jefferson City and Columbia.

    People in Jefferson City can expect to witness the eclipse in totality for two minutes and 29 seconds, according to Katherine Reed with the Jefferson City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

    The Convention and Visitor Bureau will host a 3-day event with concerts, festivals, bike rides and three designated viewing areas to see the sky go dark.

    Reed said places to stay that weekend are booking fast.

    "We do have some rooms booked at our hotels, all the camping spots at Binder Lake Park are booked and we're adding more camping down across the river in North Jefferson City but as of right now we're not sold out but we're getting close," said Reed.

    Reed added that the eclipse will be a great opportunity for businesses.

    The first information meeting is on Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the new Jefferson City Wellness and Recreation Center at 1299 Lafayette Street in Room 114.

    It will be open to the public. Organizers will talk about the Capital Eclipse events and how people can get involved.

    There will be custom Capital Eclipse safety glasses for sale at the meeting.

    "It's safe to watch the eclipse during totality but you have to wear the safety glasses during the partial phase and so we came up with a Jefferson City design and we're selling those glasses. Right now we're working on those bigger group sales and then we are going to be opening it up to the public online," said Reed.

    To place an order, you can email Reed at and contact her at (573) 632-2820.

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