Jefferson City hospital remembers MLK with song and dance

Celebrations took place all across the United States in rememberance of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The civil rights leader left his impact on society, and the nation, including mid-Missouri, celebrated his life today.

St. Mary's Hospital in Jefferson City held a gathering in their Assembly Room Monday afternoon that featured several different speakers and presentations.

The Lincoln University Vocal Ensemble sang a few spiritual songs, in honor of Dr. King's deep Christian faith. Deacon Joe Jimmerson of the Oak Chapel Missionary Baptist Church gave a powerful recitation of King's famous, "I Have a Dream" speech, and there was an engaging liturgical dance by "Expressions of Praise" from Second Baptist Church in Jefferson City. They set the tone of praise for Dr. King's work and ongoing influence in society today.

Reverend Charles Jackson from The Guiding Light Missionary Baptist Church of Christ in Fulton was the featured speaker, talking about "living together in love as the family of God."

"I learned to appreciate Dr. King long after he was gone," he said. "I have been the benefactor of his efforts, and efforts of many who blazed the trail, and gave their lives and blood, and sweat and tears and all they did to sacrifice so that we would be able to be sitting here today. As brothers and sisters."
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