JCPS hosts community discussion on boundary lines

JCPS superintendent Larry Linthacum explains the district's boundaries map to parents and community members on Tuesday. (Tommy Sladek/KRCG 13)

Students are home for the summer, but the lunchroom inside Thomas Jefferson Middle School Tuesday was bustling with chatter.

Jefferson City Public Schools led by superintendent Larry Linthacum hosted a community discussion on district boundary lines. The meeting comes a little over a year before Capital City High School is expected to open in August 2019.

A boundary line committee, consisting of 32 volunteers, represents each of the districts elementary schools. The committee has worked with a district-contracted demographer to form recommendations to the Board of Education on a number of criteria.

The main goal is to create equity in enrollment and poverty levels between Capital City High School and Jefferson City High School.

After receiving public feedback on more than a dozen scenarios, the committee has narrowed them down to three. These scenarios would decide who attends Lewis and Clark Middle School and who attends Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

LCMS will feed into JCHS.

TJMS will feed into CCHS.

Tonight the school went through the three scenarios, and then broke up the parents and community members into groups at lunch tables. The groups then shared their pros and cons for each option.

Option A:

-All of Thorpe Gordon Elementary School will attend Lewis and Clark Middle School. Currently, Thorpe Gordon students split between LCMS and TJMS.

-40 or so students who currently attend Cedar Hill Elementary School would instead go to South Elementary.

Option B:

All of Thorpe Gordon Elementary School will attend LCMS.

-The roughly 40 Cedar Hill students would stay at Cedar Hill, but go to TJMS instead ofLCMS.

Option C:

-All of Thorpe Gordon Elementary School will attend LCMS.

-District boundary lines stay the same with the exception of Thorpe Gordon.

Another community discussion will take place Wednesday, June 13, from 6:00-7:30 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark Middle School cafeteria.

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