Ice Storm Warning mixed with Winter Weather Advisory calls for slippery morning commute

Multiple weather alerts caused for slick roads as drivers took to the roads for their morining commutes. (Photo: MGN)

Thursday morning, multiple counties in mid-Missouri area experienced overnight rainfall and early morning re-freeze.

With an Ice Storm Warning and a Winter Weather Advisory stretched across mid-Missouri the roads were slick as drivers headed out on the morning commutes.

Audrain, Boone, and Moniteau counties were downgraded to a Winter Weather Advisory onThursday morning, but all the other counties remained under the initial alerts that were set Wednesday evening.

The winter weather alerts lasted until 12 p.m. Thursday as a mix of rain, freezing, rain, sleet, and snow continued into the afternoon.

The Missouri Department of Transportation asked all drivers to avoid travel at all costs. With the storm initially touching down as rain, the MODOT crews were unable to pre-treat the roads until the rain stopped.

"With the rain coming off and on, we can't pre-treat the roads because it will just wash off," MODOT media spokesperson Marisa Ellison said. "We use sand and cinders to try to provide traction on the roads hoping that it helps melt the ice. Unfortunately it looks like the temperatures are going to drop and salt doesn't work when it gets that cold."

Thursday morning, drivers who braved the roads for their morning commutes saw heavy rain, dropping temperatures and strong winds.

"Drivers just need to slow down, adjust their plans, and if you don't need to go on the roads... don't," she said. " Always buckle up and never use the phone while driving."

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