How can you tell if you've had too much to drink?

How can you tell if you've had too much to drink?

MoDOT has launched a new smart phone application to help people make smart choices about designating a sober driver.

The "Show Me My Buzz" app will soon be available at the Apple App Store and the Google Market.

The app allows users to calculate their estimated blood alcohol concentration based on how many drinks they have consumed, how long they have been drinking, their weight, and gender.

"I like to think of it as an educational tool so that people can see what the affect is of alcohol on them. I think folks are going to be surprised to find out how little alcohol it takes to really put them in a position where they shouldn't be operating a vehicle, MoDOT Don Hillis said.

The app is available now for android phones and will soon be out for I-phones.

If you would like more information on the new smart phone application click here.

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