House leaders ask Greitens to appear before investigative committee

House leadership has continued to ask Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens to appear before an investigatory committee. (File)

Missouri House leaders continue to ask for Gov. Eric Greitens to appear before an investigative committee.

Following the felony invasion of privacy against the governor being dropped Monday, a statement from House leadership urged Greitens to "share his side of the facts" with the committee.

House Speaker Todd Richardson, House Speaker Pro Tem Elijiah Haahr and House Majority Leader Rob Vescovo said in a joint statement they were committed to the process of the investigatory committee doing its work in researching the governor's conduct.

The full statement can be read below.

“The legislature is a separate and a co-equal branch of government with a separate responsibility entrusted to it by our Constitution.

"We owe it to Missourians to have a fair and thorough investigation of the facts. To date the committee’s work has not only provided two reports on the facts to the General Assembly but, more importantly, it has also exposed additional concerns relating to the governor’s conduct.

"This is why we remain committed to that process and await any recommendations it has for the House. Without the pending trial this week, it allows the Governor to take advantage of our open offer to share his side of the facts.”

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