House investigative committee votes to close Wednesday's meeting

(Tommy Sladek// KRCG 13)

Media members from across the state of Missouri were camped out in Hearing Room 5 at the Missouri State Capitol hours before the meeting was set to begin.

When the House committee in charge of investigating Governor Eric Greitens rolled in, five minutes later, they rolled out.

The committee, led by Representative Jay Barnes, voted to close Wednesday's anticipated 8 a.m. meeting set to be held at the Jefferson City Police Department.

"As a committee that wants to go through a fact finding process, having that completely open would destroy the very purpose of the committee," said Barnes, a Jefferson City republican.

Members are directed to not discuss testimony with anyone.

"At the conclusion of this committee we'll have a public report and records of our proceedings," explained Barnes.

"But until that time you're not going to get any comments from me, members of this committee, or hints from members of this committee. "

Last month, a St. Louis grand jury indicted Greitens on one count of felony invasion of privacy.

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