Homeowner fends off would-be robber, fires gun

Columbia native Levi Strodtman says he fired his gun during a struggle with an armed and masked man on Mexico Gravel Road. (KRCG 13)

Columbia Police confirmed officers were searching for at least one suspect following an attempted Columbia home invasion Sunday night.

Shots were fired, but this time the homeowner pulled the trigger.

Levi Strodtman said he was at home on Mexico Gravel Road with his wife when they heard a knock at the door around 10 p.m.

Strodtman owns property and said renters do sometimes drop by unexpectedly.

"I turned the light on and looked through the peephole and it was obstructed by the guy holding up a peace sign with his fingers," Strodtman said.

When he cracked open the door, the homeowner said an armed and masked man tried to push his way inside.

"I was able to slide his gun away from my neck and face and got mine out."

Strodtman happens to have experience in defense training, and said his gun is almost always on him.

"I was able to get it out luckily and fire at him," said Strodtman.

"I don't believe I hit him cause he was moving quite a bit, we were still struggling and fighting."

The suspect finally gave up and fled.

"I feel very grateful, very lucky for the the outcome I know that isn't the case for a lot of people."

Strodtman said he wishes he had installed a home security camera, but doesn't regret having a gun to protect him.

"I think it saved me and my wife from physical harm for sure."

Columbia Police said they don't have any suspects in custody as of Monday night, but are actively pursuing leads.

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