Highway 50 to get wider through Linn

U.S. Highway 50 through Linn is set to be widened after an agreement was reached between the city and MoDOT.

The City of Linn Monday agreed to enter into an agreement with the Missouri Department of Transportation to widen and improve U.S. Highway 50 through much of Linn.

According to Area Engineer Preston Kramer, in 1959, when highway 50 was first built through the area, MoDOT laid down a 20-foot-wide concrete base with an asphalt overlay through the city, and has maintained that portion of roadway ever since. This allows for two 10-foot travel lanes.

However, with growth and increased usage, the city decided it wanted to widen and improve the road. So, MoDOT will dig down and widen the concrete base of the roadway to accommodate two 12-foot lanes, which it will maintain.

Since the actual road through town is wider than 24 feet, the city will be responsible for maintenance of all portions of roadway falling outside the strip in question. This area includes parking areas, shoulders, and other non-travel surfaces.

The city's portion of the cost for the project is estimated at $114,000.

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