High-tech homes: smart devices powering home innovation

The Nest Learning Thermostat, $199. Control the temperature in your home through the phone. It programs itself to save energy and learns your usage pattern. (Photo: CBS Newspath)

The home of the future is likely to revolve around smart devices.

Smart homes are equipped with technology to make life a little easier while at home, work or even on vacation.

Columbia-based company Girard Luxury Homes, sells properties equipped with some of the latest advancements in home innovation. Pictured above is a property at 3203 Rivington Drive, Columbia, MO 65203.

Inside the residence is a home security network, efficient cooking, and even a remote controlled wine cellar with built in lighting.

"The cost of a given function or product has plummeted," Perry Wayne Hudson, the owner of Central Security Systems in Jefferson City said.

"Things aren't cheap today but I mean what they do today compared to 10 years ago, even much less 40 years ago, is phenomenal."

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The TP Link smart plug allows homeowners to control lamps through a cell phone.

Hudson's company specializes in security for home and business as well as home innovation.

"Through our app I can tell my system in my home is disarmed, I can tell my front door is unlocked, and I can tell the current temperature is 75 degrees," Hudson explained, showing his phone.

Voice-active assistants are also becoming more available, and readily affordable. The Google Home Mini, pictured below, goes for around $150 online.

Hudson said one problem he runs into in mid-Missouri is internet capability.

Customers in rural areas might like the power to support the security strength they want, but due to internet availability it might take time for all Missourians to have the same access to such hi-tech security.

"As the internet speed improves, the ability to use this technology is going to improve," Husdon said.

And with improved innovative security, experts say smart devices should match.

They said it is important to make sure all smart devices have the latest software and security updates fit with unique passwords.

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