High Street named this year's best street in Missouri

High Street named this years best street in Missouri. (Gladys Bautista/ KRCG 13)

High Street in Downtown Jefferson City is now one of the great places in Missouri by winning 2019's Best Street in Missouri.

Mayor of Jefferson City Carrie Tergin says that she has been working with other city leaders to revitalize Downtown Jefferson City and it's amazing to be recognized, especially through the town's main artery. "Everything about it [High Street] is so special and unique and we're just honored to win this award."

It has been an effort to keep the historic aspect to the area as well, especially with so many buildings dating back to the late 1800's. The effort by city leaders to do so has led to a mixture of old and new within the city. "We're seeing a lot of people that want to live upstairs in the downtown buildings and want to make this their home so there's just a lot of potential to continue this," said Tergin.

For business owners on the street, it is a big deal to own a business in the heart of Downtown and now a street being recognized state-wide.

Jim Dyke, who owns Cottonstone Art Gallery and Framing on High Street, dedicates many of his pieces to Jefferson City and High Street. "I think it's kind of fun to know more about where you are. It makes it more exciting," he said.

Dyke said he hopes that his pieces help to make High Street iconic because of its history and what it means to the city. "A lot of kids might say 'Oh I'm going to get out of this town and go some place cool', but they don't know this is a really cool place," said Dyke.

Dyke's family has lived in Jefferson city for generations and for him, the city and High Street will always have a charm like no other. "It's a warm, family, friendly, cozy, good values, old fashioned values kind of place," he said.

For city leaders, that charm is exactly what they're trying to preserve as they work to keep the heart of Missouri beating.

"It just continues to grow and when the heart of the city is strong then the entire city is also strong," said Tergin.

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