Heavy winter snow brings business for many local companies

    Mac's Lawn Company owner William McBride said Saturday the heavy snow this Winter has brought lots of business, but has also been tiring outside of work. (FILE)<p>{/p}<p>{/p}

    Local businessman William McBride said Saturday this Winter has been far more severe than what he dealt with last year, which has been great for business purposes.

    McBride is the owner of Mac's Lawn Service, a Columbia business. He said the snow has made Mac's very busy this year.

    "Its been a good winter, really," he said. "The snow that has been coming in here has caused us to have plenty of extra work."

    But outside of work, McBride said the snow has interfered with his personal plans.

    "Its been tiring," he said. "I haven't been able to take as many trip this winter as I have in the past because Winter time in the lawn service business- we can take off and go spend time with other family members in other parts of the country but this year has been keeping me pretty close."

    He said he often has extra staff on standby in the case of heavy snow.

    "I employ some of the high school students such as students from Battle and Hickman when there's need for help," he said.

    McBride said he always stays on top of weather predictions, and prepares for snow by making sure his supplies are ready to go.

    "Have to make sure all of our equipment is up to par and that we have all of the materials such as ice melt that we will be needing," he said.

    He said one of his top priorities during the Winter is sleep, because of his unpredictable schedule.

    "We have to have plenty of rest because we don't know what time it is," he said. "We come out in all times of night and day to make sure the property is ready for operation the next morning."

    McBride said he encourages people to stay off of the roads during heavy snowfall. He said it interferes with his work, and said he has experienced being stuck and having to call a tow truck for help himself.

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