Hawley to investigate evidence-withholding allegations in Anthony Lamar Smith death

Jason Stockely and Anthony Lamar Smith. (MGN Online)

Missouri's attorney general announced Monday his office would investigate allegations of wrongdoing by his predecessor's administration in the Anthony Lamar Smith death.

Attorney Al Watkins, representing the Smith family, said the city withheld evidence to settle for less money in a 2012 civil lawsuit.

The victim's family won a $900,000 settlement in 2013.

In the letter to Hawley's office, Watkins said evidence including a gun recovered from Smith's car that had DNA residue matching only Jason Stockely and video footage from a witness were not displayed in court.

During Stockely's trial this year, the evidence allegedly obtained in 2012, showed up.

“The attorney for the family of Anthony Lamar Smith has raised serious allegations of wrongdoing by the Koster Administration,” Hawley said in a release.

“As Mr. Smith’s family states, these allegations deserve ‘a full, accurate, and transparent’ accounting.”

Hawley said he would appoint an independent counsel to investigate the allegations.

The independent counsel will have full access to files and personnel to ensure a comprehensive and unbiased review of the potential wrongdoing, which is alleged to have occurred between 2013 and 2016.

Jason Stockley, a former St. Louis police officer charged with first-degree murder in the killing of Smith in 2011, was found not guilty by a federal judge on September 15.

KRCG 13 reached out to Koster's current employer Centene Corp. for comment but did not hear back as of Monday evening.

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