Community, volunteers help Hartsburg's cleanup effort after weekend festival

The small town of Hartsburg is cleaning up after their 26th Annual Pumpkin Festival (KRCG)

The small town of Hartsburg is cleaning up after its 26th Annual Pumpkin Festival.

The streets were full of vendors, people and of course pumpkins. But now that the festival is over, the cleanup begins.

An estimated 50,000 people were expected to visit a town of just 106 over the weekend. While official numbers aren't tallied yet, organizers said the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival was a huge success.

"Saturday's crowd was really large and Sunday even with the significant weather we had a good crowd too," Committee member Jason Thomas said.

"We have some volunteers that come and help out and pick up all the straw bales, all the signs," Thomas added.

But the festival wouldn't be possible if it weren't for volunteers before, during and especially after the event.

"The local boy scout group will come pick up trash for us," Thomas said.

Vendors also worked after the event as they took down their booths. This was the first year Rhonda Borgmeyer came to the festival to sell her painted pumpkins. She was amazed at the steady line of traffic coming in to Hartsburg all weekend.

"There was some people saying it took them an hour to an hour and a half just to get in here," she said.

Rhonda said to have a booth at a festival this large is hard work, but the people of Hartsburg make it worth it.

"Everybody is super nice down here," Borgmeyer said. "They just treat you like family."

Family working together to better the community.

"We use some of the funds to work on playground equipment around town, we give a scholarship out," Thomas added.

More than 150 vendors sold everything from kettle corn to collectibles at the festival.

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