Governor Nixon awards $18 Million to state community and tech colleges

LINN, Mo. -- Wednesday, Governor Jay Nixon announced an $18 million award initiative for community and technical colleges all across the state, including Linn State Technical College in Linn, Missouri.

The initiative is called MoManufacturingWINs, and the money goes to provide the colleges with the resources to help people who want to enter the manufacturing and public safety industry.

"What it will do, is that someone that's underemployed and has lost their job, and they want to change their career, they can come into this particular program and learn the skills that they need to learn, and also get some of the general education that they need, in order to then move on to a college degree.â?? said Vicki Schwinke, the Dean of Academic and student affairs at Linn State Technical College. â??So it's kind of a pre-empt to that college degree."

Officials from Linn State Technical College say they're partnering with Saint Charles Community College in Cottleville Missouri to help provide the training to people all over the region.

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