Fulton woman dedicates her life to suicide prevention

Itâ??s something very few people want to talk about, but it happens in Missouri more than twice a day.

Suicide is one of the top killers in the show-me state. Every 14.2 minutes, someone in the United States chooses to take their life and someone is left behind.

At the age of 15, Fultonâ??s Melody Seiger lost her mother to suicide. Thatâ??s when Seiger realized she was a survivor and had a choice. She chose to move on and help others with this preventable epidemic that is spreading through Callaway County.

Seiger said, â??Here in Callaway County, we have a lot of issues with depression and suicide. It happens with our youth and adults that people donâ??t even realize. We have a high statistic rate in our adults here in Callaway County that weâ??ve lost to suicide. I want to make a difference. I want to help.â??

There is a long list of warning signs for suicide. Missouri mental health officials said the most common sign is when people actually talk or write about suicide on a regular basis.

Mental health officials said you should always take expressions of suicide seriously, even though you might think itâ??s just a cry for attention.

Missouri Suicide Prevention Project Director Scott Perkins said, â??People that actually know others are really in the best position to try to spot the warning signs and notice changes. People that only come in contact with somebody on rare occasions are probably not the best people to spot the warning signs.â??

Perkins said suicide is one of the Top 10 killers in Missouri. Melody Seiger is devoting her life to help those with suicidal thoughts.

Seiger said, â??You learn to accept what you canâ??t change. You learn to move forward. Thatâ??s a hard concept to get when youâ??ve lost someone and you canâ??t answer that tough questionâ?¦why?â??

Seiger is the organizer of Callaway Countyâ??s First Annual Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk in October.

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